JVN Day is The JVN Project’s annual Hip-Hop festival, taking place every fall in Madison, WI. The mission of this festival is to inspire innovation by facilitating connections between communities that would not normally interface. Through this festival we hope to operationalize change by providing participants opportunities to engage the tenets of Hip-Hop culture, and understand that creativity is how we best generate solutions. From movie screenings, open mics, Hip-Hop centered workshops, concerts, and service initiatives, JVN Day aims to manifest why we truly believe that Hip-Hop in its raw, pre-commodified form, has the unequivocal capacity to change lives.


About  The Project

333 East Campus Mall
Suite 3129
Madison, WI 53715-1380

The JVN Project is a collective centered on using the genre and culture of Hip-Hop as a tool of empowerment. It is an organization instituted by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison inspired by the life of 19-year- old Chicagoan artist and UW-Madison student John Vietnam Nguyễn - emcee, poet, dancer, music engineer, and activist.

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