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Festival Schedule

JVN Day 2018

9.7.18 through 9.9.18

Sept. 7th, 2018

Sunrise Open Mic

Wisconsin Alumni Association


Students, alumni, and community members are invited to enjoy a light breakfast and share work in a medium of their choice focused on Leadership and Service in Community. In honor of the life and legacy of John Vietnam Nguyen (JVN), participants are highly encouraged to bring new or unpublished work. Whether it be poetry, rap, dance, comedy, storytelling, join us as a performer or come to support the artists of the Madison community. Alumni Park is pleased to be partnering with The JVN Project as a part of The JVN Day Hip-Hop festival and co-hosting the JVN Day Sunrise Open Mic in One Alumni Place.

Day 1

The Screwtape

The JVN Project Office (333 E. Campus Mall)
Room 3129


This event will take a regular office space and transform it into a music studio where campus and community members can write their own verses and record it on pre-selected beats with actual studio equipment. After participants have dropped their hottest bars, our talented producers will mix the songs and they will be played at the final event of the festival, The Treetop Concert (September 9th at The Terrace at 7:30pm)! Whether you are a veteran rapper or a first timer, we invite everyone to join us in this fun and chill environment full of art, creativity, and rhymes!

Showin' Out

The Marquee Cinema

Union South


The 6th Annual JVN Day Hip Hop Festival: The Root will be partnering with WUD Film and Wisconsin Public Television for its third event, Showin' Out! Attendees can squad up at the Marquee Cinema in Union South to watch a premiere showing of Hip Hop U: The First Wave Scholars and a sneak peek showing of The Louisville Lip. Inspired by Hip-Hop culture, these fantastic films will showcase the work of many UW-Madison students and present the impact that hip hop has in so many communities.


Sept. 8th, 2018

The Workshop: Back to the Roots

Student Activity Center


This event is an opportunity to engage and learn skills within the five elements of Hip-Hop  through different learning experiences facilitated by some of Madison’s most talented artists. These hour long workshops will range from poetry to break dancing to graffiti art. All workshops will be held in the Student Activity Center and are free and open to public. Attend more than one workshop, bring your friends, and try your hand at a new craft! 

Scheduled Workshops:

Healing the Roots

Facilitated by Synovia & Saja



Songwriting workshop where we focus on the power of metaphors and how they can return power to people. Hosted in the PAVE space, and encourage assault survivors to rewrite their own stories. This workshop is for everyone though. Participants are invited to come to Elements in the Park and to write at the postcard/going away table.

Producing the Roots



Facilitated by Dj knowsthetime

DJing workshop focusing on the history of DJing and how producing was formed through this art form. A two-part workshop that highlights both the influence and power of a long-lasting and critical element of the world of Hip-Hop.

Growing the Roots


Facilitated by Solomon Roller


Breaking/Hip-Hop dance workshop where participants are taught how to break and move. Participants of this workshop will be encouraged to bring their newly carved skills to the dance battles at Elements in the Park.

Tracing the Roots



Facilitated by Huizit

Graffiti workshop where participants will develop their own stencils and tag. The workshop focuses on the technical aspect of graffiti, so rather than spray painting in the actual workshop, we will provide foam boards and X-Acto knives allowing participants to cut out their own stencils. Participants will be encouraged to bring these stencils they have created to Elements in the Park to spray paint them onto the community mural!

True to the Root



Facilitated by Adjua & Joicelyn

Day 2

Ending workshop where participants can design their own hats, t-shirts, and/or tank tops while talking about the importance of fashion within Hip-Hop. This workshop will be facilitated by two visual artists to aid in the designing process, as well as Hip-Hop heads who are knowledgeable about the history of Hip-Hop and fashion.


Sept. 9th, 2018

Elements in the Park

Sellery Residence Hall, Basketball Courts


Elements in the Park is the sixth event of the 6th annual JVN Day Hip-Hop Festival: The Root! It is a community gathering where attendees can appreciate food, fellowship and the five elements of Hip-Hop! From breakdancing battles and rap battles, a mural created by graffiti artists and more, this event will have something for everyone to enjoy. If you are interested in participating in any of the battles come with your bars or dance moves and let the art begin!

Day 3

The Treetop Concert

Memorial Union Terrace

In collaboration with WUD Music at UW-Madison, The Treetop Concert is the final and biggest event of the 6th Annual JVN Day Hip-Hop Festival: The Root!  It is an opportunity for the community to gather and celebrate the beauty of Hip-Hop through music. The illist up and coming performers from the Madison area will be sharing the Memorial Union Terrace stage. We are also proud to announce our amazing feature of the night… Sa-Roc! The Treetop Concert is meant to bring the festival to an extremely positive and inspiring close and potentially foster the creation of more Hip-Hop art. Our goal as The JVN Project is to have people of all ages come together to celebrate the power of Hip-Hop with us! 



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